Thursday, February 02, 2006

NEW SITE! I need your comments and feedback

Alright....I need some feedback here.

I'm been working on a new site that I will be hosting myself, and that has some more capabilities. What I'm probably going to do is continue to post my articles to both sites for a while, and see how that goes. I know that people don't like change, but I have had a few people check it out already, and they like the other site.

I would like your comments and feedback on the new site. I have added a FB FORUMS page, as well as a CONSULTING page. I have the other site set up so that you DO NOT need an e-mail to post comments right now.

The forums will be a place to tell "FB stories" and for people to ask for "FB Help". There will also be a rather large Real Estate section so people can talk about RE in their particular areas. You do need to register for the forums site with an e-mail (it won't allow anon posters), but don't worry, I'm not here to gather info to sell or use for any other purpose.

The consulting page is a 'work in progress' at this time. I will see what the response is, and make adjustments accordingly. Feedback here is greatly appreciated.

The domain for the new site is:

I will also be pointing the URL there shortly as well.

I will keep this site, as it is. You can come here directly, or through links on the new site.

Let me know what you think! It will be the same mortgage related content...just with a new face. You can post comments on the site, or send me e-mails.

I will probably change the header on the new site, but I just wanted to make sure everything is good to go, before I pay more money to get something professionally designed.

I will still keep this site you can read the archives about interest only, option ARM's, neg-am, 2/28's, fixed mortgages, FB's, and more....

I'm looking forward to the comments and feedback!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you Please, Please, Please ! put some more blank space on the LEFT Margin. I do not mind doing the hard work of thinking all these things through, but these old eyes have trouble when the first letter is cut off the screen [my fault probably, an oldie in many things but a newbee in puters]
Thank you [okay a better name would be an Anguished Borrower, I hear so much profanity it is meaningless for any sort of intended impact]

2/03/2006 12:37 PM  
Blogger SoCalMtgGuy said...


Which site are you talking about? this one, or the new one??

If your margins are the problem, make sure the resolution on your computer is set to 1024x768 and not 800x600.

From there, you can use make the text size larger...under the edit or view tab I believe.

That said, I have 3 sites to choose from...that all go to the same place.

Feel free to use any of the sites when discussing with others.

I do not like a lot of profanity either, but I think it serves it's purpose in the title. It grabs attention when people scan the links, etc.

It probably turns off some people, but that is why I have the other sites.

Thanks for the input!


2/03/2006 2:15 PM  
Blogger Roadtripboy said...


Just explored your new site and I love it! You did a great job setting it up and I like that you're offering consulting services. So many home buyers don't realize that unless they work with a buyer's agent, nearly everyone the buyer encounters in the process (except hopefully their own attorney!) is not looking out for the buyer's interests---only their own. Great that you're providing an affordable source to get some unbiased viewpoint on the buyer's behalf.

2/04/2006 10:17 AM  

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