Monday, May 14, 2007

I has been too long

Yes, I has been quite a while since the last post.

I apologize. I have been out of town quite a bit, and I have been working on starting a new company.

That said, this thing is going to take YEARS to pan out. I could write commentary everyday about what is going on, but I have other things occupying my time. Unfortunately, this blog doesn't 'pay the bills' for me. I enjoy doing it, but it can no longer be the priority it once was. There are a thousand people 'covering' this now. I gave you (the readers) information on what I thought was going to happen and why, BEFORE it was 'popular'. I presented information and let you make decisions based upon that information. Right now, I don't have as much to add. As you have seen, we are in the early stages of how I thought things would pan out. That said, I will keep posting, but you will have to bear with me right now.

I am working on a company that I think is going to be able to add a lot of value to people. I will give more information as the time comes.

Like one of the posters said, I have helped many people save hundreds of thousands of dollars. The comments and e-mails I receive from people really make me feel good and are a testament that I did help people. Too bad I didn't get a portion of the money I 'saved' people ;)
I am out of town again this week, but look for a new post coming when I get back into town.

That said, couple of quick things.....

- Did anybody see the 60 Minutes segment on the Real Estate industry? It focused primarily on RE agent commissions, and how the NAR and other RE lobby groups are using their power to lobby governments to make legislation that makes it much harder, if not impossible for 'discount' brokerages to take hold. They will do anything to protect their 6% commission.

- I was watching CNBC and a there was a discussion that the 'fog a mirror' credit standards were NOT isolated to just the subprime mortgage market. It has also infected the private equity and corporate markets as well. They were saying that the money is 'so easy' that people have forgotten to look at credit worthiness and the 'ability to pay'. I didn't catch the whole segment, but I would have to agree with them. Leverage can be a great tool when the times are good, but it will crush you when things turn.

- Anybody know of a friend of acquaintance that is 'treading water' right now hoping the market goes back up in the next 2 to 3 years so they will be able to refinance? That is why this thing is going to take years to pan out. A lot of people are NOT in a pinch yet...because they still 'have a few years' until they need to refi.

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog and understanding my situation. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Stay tuned...